• Marius Gardner

How The Corona Virus Crisis affects us.

Our business is based on a collective of self-employed individuals working hard to provide you with an interesting collection of quality items. Of course, non of us are immune to the virus or the effects of the crisis, with the borders between the Czech Republic and Germany being intermittently closed, it has proved a challenge to keep the supply of stock going. We have however managed to overcome some of the problems this faces, by walking to the border and handing over the stock in banana boxes with masks and gloves.

Most of our work is carried out in our own homes and so the general public are not being put at risk by us continuing to work, and in fact, the Czech Republic has placed far stricter precautions in public places as most of Europe ensuring that no one is placed in a position of danger. I don`t intend to capitalize on the online purchasing power available now that most unessential shops are closed, on the contrary I have introduced a discount on my stock.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me as a small business over the past few weeks as non of us are in positions to obtain government assistance.

I wish you all good health and enjoy browsing from your own homes.

Marius Gardner

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